“HudsonIt is absolutely necessary to have your upholstery and mattress cleaned, at least, annually. It is a recommended procedure when having carpets and rugs cleaned, as well.

Everyone that comes into your home will bring in many different types of allergens, irritants, and even odors when coming from outside and moving within the house.

Having your upholstery and mattress cleaned can renew their appearance, reduce irritants, and eliminate odors and stains.

We have a satisfaction guaranteed process called the Ultra Clean Proven 7-Step Process.

Step 1: Vacuuming
Step 2: Pre-conditioning
Step 3: Pre-treatment of spots & stains
Step 4: Steam cleaning with truck-mounted equipment
Step 5: Complimentary moving of furniture & placement on blocks
Step 6: ScotchGuard® application (optional)
Step 7: Final grooming and conditioning

Ultra Clean has vast experience in safely and successfully cleaning any type of upholstery, with the exception of leather. We can clean upholstery in your home, RV, car, or even your boat! We are certified and insured to be your first choice in home cleaning services.

These days, everyone is concerned about getting bed bugs. However, most individuals don’t think about the fact that most people having dust mites living within their mattress. This can be unnerving, imagining dust mites living off of the dead skin cells that pile up, unseen, on a mattress. Although they do not bite, dust mites do feed off of those accumulated skin cells and leave behind a waste that can cause fairly severe allergy symptoms. These symptoms include: headaches, skin problems, sneezing, and watery/itchy eyes. For individuals who have asthma or allergies, these symptoms can be even more bothersome. Cleaning the mattress will greatly reduce the mite population by cutting off their food supply.

Call Ultra Clean today to invigorate your upholstery or mattresses. We can provide a free estimate and guaranteed satisfaction by calling at 715-386-5900!

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