Have pet stains, or pet odors? We can help!

Pets can cause lasting smells throughout your house from both hair buildup and urine. Without removing the pet hair before it’s cleaned, the problem will persist due to the odors within that hair. With Ultra Clean on the job, you can stop having to worry when guests come over! We remove any pet hair that sits deep within the carpet fibers and will then clean and sanitize your carpet to ensure that, once the impurities are removed, you will get an intense and lasting clean.

At Ultra Clean, We tackle the problem at the source by coming into your home and decontaminating these odors so that they are not only eradicated, but safely disinfected. Children are often lying around and playing on the same carpets that have been stained or odorized by pets and other pollutants. We take your family’s safety very seriously and it’s our job to dispel those health issues from your home and to make it a more pleasant place to reside.


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