Air Duct Pollutants in Your Home

Ultra Clean Carpet Cleaning of Hudson Wisconsin wants clients to know the truth about their home’s air quality. While many people are often concerned about the outdoor air quality – with smog, industrial pollution, and the depleting ozone layer – they don’t always realize the air inside their home could be a problem as well. The reality is that the air inside can be just as bad as the air outdoors.

Household dust build-up and germs in the vents are one of the biggest causes for indoor pollution and allergens. Dust in your home is a combination of dead skin cells from humans and pets, pet fur, dust mites, home residue and build-up of almost anything else you can image. All of these are cocktails of illnesses of varying degrees if not treated properly. These contaminants can cause an extremely serious problems with your homes air quality. Individuals with asthmas can suffer greatly from these troublesome materials lurking in your ducts and vents. Even healthy individuals can suffer symptoms from allergens coming up with your heat or air conditioning. These include; watery eyes, headaches, breathing issues, fatigue, nausea, and even skin irritations.

There are steps you can take to reduce the amount of harmful allergens in your home, making the air much cleaner, and healthier. Ultra Clean uses the Rotobrush® duct cleaning system to rid your home of contaminants. Our advanced methods will thoroughly scrub and vacuum your duct work without harsh chemicals.

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